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Site Updates: New Galleries. Sweet!

Ho-ho-ho! Merry Tuesday, merry Tuesday!

Just finished updating my site. And it was tedious! Have you ever watched paint dry? It was pretty much as exciting. But it's over now, and after a minor glitch, that was promptly solved by the good people of Wix tech support (Thank you!) everything is running the way it's supposed to. Yey! The new features include full social media integration for all images in the new galleries. Now you can share them via multiple platforms - Pin them, Tweet them, share them on Facebook, G+ and Linked In.

Now my brides, and grooms (rrright...) can design their Pinterest boards, that, actually, have my images.

I know, That should have been done long time ago, but it is done now.

Enjoy the new features, including full screen option.

Ivan out!

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